Pennhurst Group is a multi-specialty national group practice of clinicians which includes: physical and occupational therapists, speech pathologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians and other allied healthcare and life sciences professionals.  

Pennhurst Group provides superior service delivery to MR/DD, Mental Health Centers across the country.

Each Pennhurst Group clinician becomes a part of an integrated multi-disciplinary team with the ultimate goal of providing the highest quality service delivery possible.

Our Staffing Candidates - A National Professional Network
Pennhurst Group has a database of thousands of potential candidates and constantly cultivates a relationship with a core group of individuals who are actively seeking to join the group at the location that you require services to be performed at.

In point of fact, most of the experts in this field have either been employed by our staff, are currently working for Pennhurst or were trained directly by Pennhurst staff.

The result of this process is an optimal match between the facilities needs and the clinician's career path.

In this way, Pennhurst Group becomes a magnet for competent, highly qualified clinical staff. The result is a team of dedicated clinicians who are committed to maximize the potential of each individual with special needs.